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I don’t remember the last time I blogged, so I guess it’s been a while. Between work and the kids I don’t get much time to do anything. I still need to finish this year’s photo book, but I have no idea when that will happen.Work has been busy, but fun. The open space isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It’s not nearly full, so it’s not the noise isn’t that bad and it’s nice to have the treadmill desk right there and to be able to ask folks around me if I have a question. Also nice to overhear meetings the managers are having. I really miss being able to pump in my office. The pumping room is nice, but I can’t really work in there, though I have taken a few calls while pumping.I like my assignment right now. Getting to build stuff from scratch is a lot of fun. I really hate CDP, but learning about docker and kubernetes is super useful. I definitely upped my python game too.Glenn still isn’t gaining weight well. We have to take him in for monthly weigh checks. They always tell us he looks healthy and he’s probably just small like his mom and to feed him more solids. We’re feeding him more and more, but he drinks less and less milk. He doesn’t seem to be gaining weight and better and now he’s just constipated all the time.At least he likes eating. We’re doing one of these fancy baby food delivery services. I realize it’s like a thousand times cheaper to make our own, but I barely have time to shower, never mind make baby food. It’s good to have a wide variety too. As it turns out, he loves Japanese sweet potato and they don’t sell that at our ShopRite.Glenn loves Owen. He will eat four times as much if we feed him when Owen is eating. He loves playing with him and watching him jump around. It’s adorable.I’m currently in the process of registering Owen for kindergarten for next year. I still can’t believe he’s five. Time goes by too fast.

Enjoying The Littles

Enjoying The Littles

Things have been much easier the last few weeks. Glenn hasn’t had any bouts of uncontrolled crying… with me anyway. He’s gotten very good at communicating. He has different cries for different needs which makes it easier to decipher what’s wrong. He’s super social and loves “talking” to us. He’ll even sit and listen to a book at bedtime.

He still gets a lot of gas, but that peddling the legs trick actually works with him. It never did with Owen. Most nights he sleeps pretty well after that (though he still won’t sleep on his own). Last night was awful. I have no idea why. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a thing.

He absolutely loves baths and recently figured out how to splash in the tub. He’s so cute. Doesn’t matter how angry he is, put him in the bath, he’s a happy dude.

Owen has been going to camp every day which gives us a nice break every afternoon. I love the kid, but he just go go goes all the time. Plus, I’m trying to get through all of Outlander before my one week trial ends.

I’m dreading going back to work. Not so much because of work, but I’ll miss the kids and I’m worried Bryan won’t be able to get Glenn to sleep. Right now he either needs the boob or the carrier.

Owen Says Part 6

Owen Says Part 6

(Playing Star Wars) “This is poo poo, checking in. This is pee pee, checking in. This is caca checking in. This is (makes farting noise) checking in…”

Owen: “I found the Lego guy my mother”
Me: why do you call me “my mother?”
Owen: because you’re a princess
Me: in that case, carry on

Me: hey Owen, come here
Owen: I’m looking for a Lego thing
Me: just for a minute. How was school
Owen: great
Me: what did you do today?
Owen: I cut out shamrocks (walks back to Legos) I’m done talking to you now

Grammy: I’m more like auxiliary family
Owen: all alone, in this empty house

Me: did having the contract help you follow rules?
Owen: a little, but Connor broke the contract
Me: Connor didn’t have a contact, do you want to make one next time for him so he won’t call you names?
Owen: yeah
Me: what should happen if he breaks the rules?
Owen: the police should come and arrest him and take him to jail

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Grumpy Glenn

Grumpy Glenn

We were hoping he would be an easier baby. In some ways he is. He actually sleeps at night … as long as he’s next to me. He’s better at breastfeeding. I guess everything else is because we have an idea what we’re doing now.

In general though, he is not a happy baby. If he’s not sleeping or eating, he’s crying. He’s awful at naps. He falls asleep if I walk him in the carrier, that’s about it. I’ve been getting a lot of steps. He loves being outside the most, unless it’s too windy or hot.

Nothing settles him from about 5-9. He’s angry at the world. He’ll scream and hit at my boobs for not putting him to sleep. There were some nights he didn’t fall asleep until 11 and he just got angrier and angrier. Bryan was saying last night that at least squats and some formula worked with Owen. This one wants nothing but sleep and he’s too tired to do it.

But he’s adorable. The other day when Bryan and Owen came home, he genuinely looked happy to see them. My favorite are the faces he makes when he’s pooping.

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Welcome Baby Glenn

Welcome Baby Glenn

I had a really lousy couple of weeks pain wise. Between round ligament pain and gas pain that had me in tears, I was pretty miserable.

Lucky me, I went into early labor Thursday evening with irregular contractions. Didn’t sleep all night. Pain was awful, though still not as bad as the gas pain.

Friday evening, I thought my water broke so went to the hospital. Contractions were super intense after that. Turns out water didn’t break, but I was 5cm, so they admitted me. The doula tried to get me through the contractions, and she was wonderful, but got the epidural anyway. I was so tired of being in pain. The only reason I was unsure about it was because I didn’t want to prolong pushing again. Glad I got it, because I felt immense pressure once I got to 10cm and I told the doula I can feel the baby turning. She was like, what? And she looked under the blanket and there was his head. Everyone went nuts, one little push and he was out before the doctor got there.

Still haven’t slept much. Right now I’m on blue light eye cover monitor duty, but still feel way more refreshed than with Owen. A couple hours of sleep over the last four days > no sleep for like a week straight.

Owen Says Part 5

Owen Says Part 5

Feeling a bit less angry at the world now that I’ve recovered from the stomach bug. I did have fun last weekend at our girls’ getaway despite sinus issues. Nice catching up with everyone and eating yummy things :)

Onto some silly Owenisms

Owen: (quoting his book) I want to be an engineer when I grow up! Mama, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Me: I am an engineer
Owen: you are???

“I love you baby (kisses my tummy). I hope you OK in there. Don’t make Mama sick, ok?”

“Once upon at time there was a girl named Willow. And me and Willow went and picked pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Then the friends had two pumpkins and they put them in the box.”

Me : They have waffles and pancakes and-
Owen: Legos?
Me: Legos? Those aren’t food
Owen: Wait, I didn’t say that right.. um…
Me: … You mean bagels?
Owen: Yes, bagels!

While helping me shop for bras, he picks out a giant purple one: “Hey Mama, your boo boos would fit in this one!”

Bryan: do you have a tail?
Owen: no, I only have a butt

Owen accompanied me to rite aid where I was buying snacks for our girls’ weekend trip: “Mama’s friends are hungry!”

Angry Owen: “I’m going to another planet and find a new Mama.”

Rant Ahead

Rant Ahead

Week 25 of misery. I look back at how badly I wanted to get pregnant and I feel like that was a different person. Now I’m just a sack incubating this thing that will come out and pee and poop and cry and keep us up all night.

Ok, I had a particularly bad week. Stomach bug + pregnancy = hell. I should just be thankful I was only puking my guts out for like 12 hours. I look forward to when I can walk up a flight of stairs without needing a nap again.

Last pregnancy, Owen cured my allergies, now I have pregnancy rhinitis and post nasal drip which has given me this cough because my abs aren’t sore enough from vomiting.

And we just got a $550 bill for a blood test that my Dr assured us wouldn’t cost that much. Fuck her. All she had to say was, “I don’t know how much it will cost, maybe you should check with your insurance.” We could have at least waited a week so the deductible counted towards this year.