We went to sesame place last week. We thought it was a disaster at first. It was super hot when we got there and it was just before his usual nap time, plus we had to wait a little bit for Carolyn, Tom and Connor. The first thing he we saw was Grover and we asked him if he wanted to get out of the stroller and take a picture with him and he flipped out. We’re pretty sure he thought we went there to feed him to giant, blue, furry monster. 

So we decided to go in a gift shop to cool off, but he saw the merry-go-round on the way, so we had to do that first. Waiting was torture. We had to wait through three rides, the last of which, the line was cut off just in front of us. Owen was crushed, but he waited pretty patiently, which bodes well for Disney. He was so excited when he finally got on. His friend, Connor though, was about at nervous Owen was his first time, and had to be nursed through the whole ride, poor guy.

Connor did better with the water. I had to convince Owen it was like running through the sprinkler. He spent a lot of time on my back. By the time we got to the Count’s Splash Castle, he thought it was pretty great running and splashing through the water. After that, the boys were pretty tuckered out. 

We decided to do a couple more rides. Owen went on with Bryan, Connor fell asleep in line :D Owen had a blast. We decided he was too tired to stay for the parade and made our way home. He fell asleep in the car for a little bit which he never does anymore. Overall, a successful trip.

Bryan introduced Owen to Frozen this week and he’s been walking around chanting, “music, of Frozen?” And singing “Let it go! Let it go!” And “deep, deep, deep, deep snow.” It’s too cute. We got him an Olaf and now he cuddles with Olaf and Pooh before bed. He’s going to love Disney so much. I can’t wait.

I love hearing him singing downstairs while I’m upstairs working :D he likes to sing along with Scout. So cute. We also have real conversations now, mostly about the “ammals.” We go to the park to see them every weekend and he finally got to the zoo this week with Bryan and his little friend.

We also finally got to the beach, but he was too scared to walk in the sand.mthe water was also scary. He asked to be put down, but cried when we did. He was very happy on my back though. 

His favorite thing is still playing with the big kids in the other court. Oh gosh. He was trying to hard to get them to play ball the other day. And trying to ride his bike and keep up with them. <3 

Julia’s bridal shower was a hoot. Her sister threw a lovely party. Unfortunately, my bridesmaid dress was a bit tight,Mao I’ve been working on losing weight. I’ll have to try on the dress again to see how I’m doing. I also found out this week that I need a new bathing suit because the elastic on mine is no good anymore. I guess it’s older than I realized. I also really need to get on buying new sneakers and getting a haircut. 

I did see a movie this week though. Saw Bad Moms with Carolyn. Was better than I expected. A lot of fun. And it was a matinee at the dine in theater, so super cheap, but comfy seats and quesadillas :D I also went to the Star Trek Experience at the Intrepid with Rachelle last month. Not as good at the thing in Vegas, but still a lot of fun. 

Fine Mommy, I’ll Drive Myself

Fine Mommy, I’ll Drive Myself

Work, oy. everyone voted no-go for deployment and they still deployed. Such a mess. We’ll be cleaning up production for the next few weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of singing as part of the ATT Cares Band too which is a lot more fun.

Owen reaches new levels of adorable every day. Bryan’s step mom was here last week and she got him a balance bike. He loves it. His determined face is so cute. He’s gotten very good very quickly. We’ve also been having a lot of fun at various parks on the weekend. He says new things every day. I love it when I catch him “reading” aloud to himself.  He finally says his own name now too.

He loves, loves, loves playing with other kids. He’s been visiting the court next to ours every afternoon in the hopes he’ll find kids playing outside. They were so nice the other day to play ball with him. He had such a good time, I couldn’t get him to sleep. He was going on and on about the “balls” and “catch.”

Yesterday morning he asked to go in the car when I brought him outside for our walk. I told him no, we’re going to the park behind our house. He got very upset, went into my purse, grabbed my keys, found my car key and started trying to open my car door. Well, after that I had to take him to the other park :D He doesn’t back down easily that’s for sure.


Post Baby Period

Post Baby Period

Warning, this post contains TMI.

Those of you who knew me as a teenager know I suffered quite a bit during that time of the month. Especially whenever I went on vacation! It wasn’t just the terrible, terrible cramps, I was tired and cranky and I dreaded it every month. The final straw was my 20th birthday. I was in bed for a week and couldn’t eat anything and it took me a month to feel better. Looking back, I probably had an ulcer from the aleve I was taking, but I’ll never know because I was too stupid to go to the doctor.

So I went on the pill, the magic, wonderful Seasonale. I still had pretty bad cramps for about three years after, but nothing like it was. The doctor thought I might have had endometriosis, seems likely. I eventually had to stop taking pain killers during my period because they gave me terrible stomach aches, but after a couple more years, I didn’t need them anyway.

Then, a few years ago, we decided we wanted a baby. I went off the pill in April and my period slowly came back to something that resembled a cycle around October. Super light and not crampy. I also felt a lot better emotially and my skin improved a bit. Apparently the pill was making me overly hormonal. I also felt way less sleepy all the time.

 By December the cramps had returned, but still very short and the period of time between ovulation and my period was still to short to conceive. I told my doctor and he basically said, yeah, you’ve only been tying like a month, come back in a year if you’re still not pregnant. Of course, three weeks later, I was pregnant. 

My period returned last December, again super light and without cramps. This past period was heavier, but still my heaviest day was like a medium day from when I was in high school. Still no cramps :) Mildly concerned that if I did have endometriosis, it will return or that I’ll suffer from fibroids like generations before me, but I’ll take feeling like a normal woman for now. I fully appreciate all I learned about my body when I was charting while trying to get pregnant too. I know exactly when I ovulate even without taking my temperature. I highly recommend any woman chart her cycles for at least a short period of time, you’ll learn so much.

Oh Sleep, Welcome Back

Oh Sleep, Welcome Back

Owen’s sleep has been so good this week, I started trying to night wean again. This time, the second half of the night. I have to nurse him when he wakes up at 1:30, but he seems OK with skipping all the other feedings. Well, not quite OK, but he doesn’t put up too much of a fight and it’s only been a few days. I think Pooh has been helping too. He seems quite comforted by his fluffy friend. Finally.

Speaking of milk, I had a little milk production issue yesterday which led to some hilarity. I had a bleb (when skin overgrows a milk duct opening) which led to a horribly clogged milk duct. I had taken a needle to the bleb, but had trouble unclogging it. I tried again in the afternoon because I was so uncomfortable and milk started squirting everywhere like a fountain! I quickly ran over to Owen as to not waste this liquid gold and ended up covering us both in milk and freaking him out so much he wouldn’t nurse the rest of the day! I’ll keep that in mind when I’m trying to wean :D

Owen also started building some cool creations with his duplos and megablocks, not just putting them together. He built himself a walker and several pretty nice trucks. My little engineer :D

I’ve been reading It’s OK Not to Share and it’s made me real excited to get some play dates going. It’s mostly about using conflict to learn mediation skills and social behavior rather than avoiding it. I also like their suggestions for dealing with tantrums. Very similar to Janet Landbury and How to Talk, but it’s good to drill this stuff into my head now before I need it :D


Another birthday

Another birthday

I turn 29 again tomorrow ;)  not doing anything special really. I should have gotten a haircut today. It’s been about a year and a half. I watched Gilmore Girls instead.

Work has been slightly less crazy, mostly because testing had been blocked by one of the other systems.

The bachelorette weekend was a blast. Some crazy rounds of telephone pictionary and taboo. Owen and Bryan survived the night without me too and actually got s little sleep. Probably more than I did :D

I swear Owen said “I love you” the other day, but he was just mimicking me. Trying to think of new things he says, but drawing a blank. “High five” is pretty recent I think. He likes “bike” “dog” and “tguck” a lot still.  He says “where dada?” “where pooh?” and “where togo?” (Where did it go. )  he’s also big on “a hug” followed by a big hug. He says “Buzz” and “toot.”

I don’t think I mentioned before I did bring him into work in April and he had a blast dancing on stage before I sang for take your kids to work day.




Been so busy at work. I fix one bug and ten more pop up in its place. I have a new manager because HR decided we didn’t need STTLs.

Weekends have been busy too. Julia’s bachelorette weekend in the Poconos is coming up. Owen is still not night weaned. Good luck to Bryan.

Owen has been getting into Pooh lately. He has two books he really likes and two Pooh plushies. “Pooh!” even Santa bear is “Pooh!” His favorite thing to do is “walk!” to the playground behind our house. He loves the “slide!” and “itswet!” Sometimes the swings are wet.  He likes watching the “geese!” and “dung!” (dogs). Sometimes there’s “tguck! zic!” (the ice cream truck plays music).

I think we’re going to stop gymboree, at least for the summer. He’s much more interested in playing outside right now. When we go, he has fun, but he also tries to escape out the door to go explore outside. I think we’re better off finding some hikes

Typing From My New iPad

Typing From My New iPad

My iPad was getting kinda old and not worky so good, so I bought the new 9.7″ pro. I loooooove it :)

I realize I haven’t blogged in forever. Work has been super crazy with the new tool we’re using for flows and it not working at all. Building bugs on top of bugs. And then I spent a few weekends studying for my Facebook interview which was a total disaster. I was so frazzled by the trip into the city that I was completely exhausted by the time I got there and my nerves took over and my brain couldn’t answer the simple question she gave me. Oh well. I’m thinking commute into the city, not so great anyway.

Owen is now 18 months. He says something new every day. He knows all of his body parts and loves pointing to our eyes and nose too. He pretend talks on the “phone” all the time including “hewow” and “bye bye.” I put phone in quotes because sometimes a piece of apple is a phone.

His favorite books include “Goodnight Goon” and “Duck and Goose: Goose Needs a Hug.” If you start reciting a book he goes and finds it. He loves his books and wants to listen to them over and over.

We’ve been letting him run around the park and go where he wants. He’ll run around the entire lake and then sleep pretty well at night. He no longer nurses between 8pm and 1:30am. The past couple of nights he’s made it to 2:30. Progress!

I’ll be doing a day in yet life soon, probably on a weekend because I’m just too busy at work.



A Happy Valentines Weekend

A Happy Valentines Weekend

The night weaning is not going so well. He falls asleep without nursing often, but on my chest and then I move and he wakes up and we have to repeat. He’s had the sniffles this week, so we’re taking a break and we’ll start over again once he’s feeling better.

He’s pretty content during the day though. Saying new things all the time. He likes going “side-to-side” and signing the “na na na na na na na” ‘s of “Hey Jude” and “row row row you boat” to me though it comes out more like “wo wo wo ba ba oooo.” “No” is something he says a lot. He shakes his head, but doesn’t know it means “no.” My favorite is “oh no!”

The other night he read his book “vroom” and did an excellent job on the last page: “bye bye.”

Work is boring. I have plenty to do now, but it’s the same thing over and over, not really learning anything. And somehow I’m the only one updating configuration files and doing build. Talk about boring, mindless work. I just keep repeating, “I get to work from home, I get to work from home.”

We saw Carolyn, Tom and Connor on Saturday. Owen had a blast playing with Connor’s toys, chasing the cat around saying “gat” and showing Connor how to jump on furniture.

Yesterday cousin Ronnie came over with my parents for a visit. Owen was showing off his toys and dancing skills. I ate way too much junk and now I have a food hangover.

I was super productive this weekend though. I did our taxes, clean the floor and made Chocolate Covered Katie‘s thin mints from her cookbook.

This afternoon I have off and we’re heading to Bryan’s parents’. One of the better Valentines Weekends I’ve had.